You won’t believe what is coming up next…

Within moments of logging on to SL yesterday I was granted secure access to Destany and Thomus’ build area to witness the genius creating process that makes up their unique partnership. I wish I could go in to depth about the set that I saw… but, alas, I can not. What I CAN tell you is that they have returned to their Steampunk roots. Especially with the Wild, Wild West Con coming up in March of 2011, both Thomus and Destany felt the time to create their signature Steampunk products has once again became front and center for their new releases. With intricate detail, a  new concept, and just really fun stuff to play with on secondlife you will not be disappointed.  I am excited for this upcoming release and I think all of you will be as well.  We will have an exclusive first look here on the blog so stay connected!


Chrono IV Mercenary Sets




More than three centuries after the Apocalypse, The Terran Conflict erupted between powerful corporations bent on world domination, with the military caught in the middle, trying to keep the peace. Corporations and the Terran Fleet alike, hire Mercenaries to do their dirty work, which involved infiltration, and smuggling supplies to avoid becoming a “military target”. Mercenaries are the ultimate survivalist, with durable armor fitted with all the high-tech protection (compressor plate, and energy field). The chrono mercenary believes in a good reliable weapon, the preferred is the merc’s own assault rifle built with carbon fiber enhance titanium alloy “ticarbon”. They infiltrate, confiscate, and leave a trail of destruction behind them, without a shred of evidence.

This set can be summed up with: “superior quality without compromise!” SPN and UNZIPPED brings you an evolution of combat in Second Life, the most advanced Chrono set to date! these sets have been in development for quite some time, as our goal was to create the most advanced, detailed Chrono set ever made! The Gunship has been in development since last year, following the release of the Recon Ship to provide a large cooperative combat ship capable of carrying twice as many avatars, and pack a powerful punch.
.: UnZipped :. and .: Steam Powered Nuts :. proudly presents Chrono IV Mercenary, and the Terra-Gunship Hailstorm

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Forsaken Dresses

In the summer heat the temptress glances your way as the fabric snuggles around the curves of her body. On the breath of the wind words are softly whispered introducing Forsaken.

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Sneak Peek…

Just a couple of days ago I had the unique pleasure of seeing a master secondlife creator at work. Destany invited me to her workshop to witness a project in progress.  She wanted to create something new and fresh for summer. A flirty little skirt dress and a longer style were the results.  The new Forsaken sets include both the short and longer version PLUS added free short boots. The boots, which have a ribbon wrapped around the top to match each of the four dress colors, are a gift from Destany. The boots are going to be a staple in every wardrobe simply for their classic style and easy wear with every type of outfit. The two dresses and boots are sold for only 360 lindens!

Tylman for the Ladies

The couple hurried thru the streets to the Zepplin Terminal rushing to get that last airship to Paris … the dark night was interupted with the sounds of hissing steam escaping as they rushed past the street grates.  The woman looked with concern up at her attractive companion whispering “will we make it? he looks down into her beautiful face .. “of course m’dear”.